Getting the latest Apple’s iPhone 7 gives you an edge over Android phone in terms of speed and cpu performance. The iPhone 7 scored a record-breaking 178,397 points – over 40,000 points higher than the iPhone 6s in AnTuTu benchmark. This score beats OnePlus 3 with a total average score of only 140,288 points. Apple […]

Everyone can now buy for themselves a totally brand-new Globe LTE Mobile WiFi device for only P1,495 which comes with free 5GB data for a week or 7 days. This amazing Globe broadband premium offer allows everyone to connect with loveones, friends and practically everybody. Globe LTE Mobile WiFi promo period may last until December […]

Globe now offers the new GoWiFi. This latest Globe promo allows you to browse, surf and connect to high speed internet connections via WiFi. With plenty of hotspot nationwide, you may simply turn on your WiFi and access GoWiFi or GoWiFiPlus access point and begin surfing. Go WiFi hotspot are available in malls, airports and […]

Always on the go? This is the answer for everyone who needs fast reliable internet connectivity. Get the discounted Limited Edition Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi with FREE Internet for 3 months at 350MB/month for P1,995 only! Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi for P1,995 with Free Internet With this latest Smart Broadband device you may […]

Get ahead with the new Apple iPhone SE small flagship phone. Apple anounced the SE as the successor to the iPhone 5S. The SE comes with similar internal hardware as the 6 and 6s Plus yet comes with the same screen size as the 5S. Now, that seems to be great power with more mobility. […]

Here’s the exciting new promotion from Globe Rewards. The Globe rewards allows loyal prepaid and postpaid subscribers to convert their points to redeem unlimited calls and text, mobile internet surfing, unlitext to all networks, SMAC points and Medicash. Reward points can also be used to convet to another Telco, non-Telco and partners services. Simply follow […]

Apple corporation has paved the way for a bigger and better iPhone 6 smartphone. A strategic jump to larger screen size brings itself alongside other phablets in the market. IPhone 6 features could much definitely be a 4.7-inch display with a 1280 x 720 resolution or a 5.7-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, […]

The new Flickr app has been released for use in Apple devices with iOS 6 & up installed. This newly improved Flickr software application now comes with auto-straightening and auto-upload functionalities. This new camera tools and filtering-editing option would help photographers to capture the right moment. This new customizable filter and editing tool can nstantly […]

We can never put aside the impact Social Networking sites will on making or breaking the future success of your business or blogging site. Facebook, today’s most popular social media site, has close to a billion membership and more than 800 million active users. The other competing popular social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, […]

The new TDK ST750 Headphones offers a very tempting mix of metallic and leather design with additional internal battery-driven amplifier to deliver clean and powerful audio experience. The TDK ST750 headset feel really great with its circumaural (around-the-ear) earcups containing the 40mm dynamic drivers that requires two AAA batteries. This TDK ST750 model headphones delivers […]

Content Management Software or CMS has long been used by many successful tech startups. Today, the role of content management in every business becomes more prevalent with the increased use of technology with the accompanying rise of telecommuting and remote work sessions. In today fast-paced workflow and communication, using just email and phone are just […]

Kaspersky Lab just recently announced the release of their latest Internet Security 2019 and Anti-Virus 2019 security solutions for home use. These two flagship products of Kaspersky presents secveral new features and software upgrades to enhance the previous versions. KIS 2019 and KAV 2019 now offers the new Anti-Blocker, Trusted Applications Mode, and ZETA Shield […]

Most starting online entrepreneurs don’t understand how exactly internet works and how it can allow you to make money online. This often leads to many factors that contribute to raising fears and doubts in the hearts and minds of many start-up business website owners. Selling and Rejection. To achieve a successful business entrepreneurs must master […]

The streaming music sites have no doubt have risen in popularity since everyone enjoyed listening to almost anything wanted online, and instantly get it whenever you want it. Thousands of these music sites literally proliferated the web and you possibly want to know which of these streaming sites would you give your hard-earned money on. […]

Share your vignettes, essays, correspondence, scholarly works, reflections, group or school tasks, outputs, assignments and journals. Put your thoughts in writing and express your ideas in paragraph form for easier comprehension and understanding. Vignettes and Essays Related posts: Understanding WiFi Standards IEEE 802.11 ad ah af ac n g b a AT&T’s Nokia Mural: A […]

Check out the latest great event for all Apple fans and fanatics! Apple Online Shopping Store selected the most awaited event for everyone to purchase Apple products at amazing price discounts. Just shop for your favorite Apple products whether its an Apple Macbook or Desktop, an Ipod music player or tablet, or an Apple accesories […]

The new Samsung Galaxy Music touchscreen phone features a 3 Inch Capacitive full touch screen TFT display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ICS operating system, 4 GB Onboard Memory, 3 MegaPixel Camera with zoom, Dual Front Stereo Speakers and Inbuilt FM Antenna. This 106 g Samsung Galaxy Music mobile phone comes packed with Bluetooth 3.0, […]

To be effective and relevant, most of today’s successful business websites use scientific data and smart analysis to prove that their strategic campaigns will work and find out which ones work best. And in comparison, unsuccessful businesses whether online or offline proceed to do what in their thinking “works best”. Other businesses will decide which […]

The new device from Apple , the Apple iPad , allows you to do what an iPhone can do and more. This revolutionary product has the capability to do web browsing , sending & receive emails , games , photo viewing , video play , e-books , plus many more. The unit has a 9.7 […]

Here’s a simple trick on Spotify application which shows how to Hide and Show Spotify App from Windows 7 Taskbar. This little must have Spotify app feature is truly very useful for for everyone running the app on our office, since it’s better to hide it from taskbar while youfavorite tunes. Using this option helps […]








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