The new Velodyne vTrue Studio Headphones offers excellent deep bass high-end audio quality that produces crisp sculpted highs. This Velodyne vTrue headset pair ships with brown padded leather earpads with aluminum-contoured earcups. It includes 4-feet long detachable deep blue-colored cables that has inline remote and mic which is compatible with Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPods.

The Velodyne vTrue headphones comes with striking beautiful design with a pair of top-notch detachable cables that split to connect to both earcups. The inline microphone delivers strong quality audio for clear calls and other voice communications. The vTrue offers clean and intense bass response at safe listening levels yet delivers a distortion-free bass boosted powerhouse at maximum levels.

The Velodyne vTrue studio headset has a retail price of $399. This budget range is for its unique catchy design of earcups and cables. The powerful high-end bass-boosted audio plus the nice inline mic delivers a bold & strong performance for all music lovers.