Sony will soon add to its powerhouse gadgets the $150, 7-inch LCD, ICF-CL75iP iPhone clock radio. The iPhone clock radio would serve as a media hub for various kinds of media players as iPhone and iPod to name few.

The device won’t just feed our ears through playing MP3/WMA music from the onboard flash but would also support videos limited to AVI, MJPEG and MPEG-4 movies loaded to 1GB of local storage through a USB port. This system will also show photos from the media device. The user can set any of the songs uploaded on the system as a wake-up alarm. It also has radio and preset ambient sounds or audio recordings up to 10 seconds long.

It’s a good thing Sony came up with this fresh twist on media hubs. The system is highly compatible for all media geeks out there who wants to party round the clock by just hanging-out on his bedroom.