AT&T customers will go loco over Nokia’s newest masterpiece called ‘Mural’. This clamshell form factor will identify your character as the cover can be colored blue, green, red, orange, purple or pink depending on your preference. Its cover lights up when receiving texts and notifications, also as you open and close it.

It boasts with 2MP camera that captures high quality images and videos. The screen measures 2.2 inches with 240 x 320 pixels. It also has external music keys that allow you to listen to songs without opening the phone. MicroSD slot Memory expands to as much as 16GB. Mural offers the usual AT&T superb services like AT&T Mobile Music, Navigator and Video Share.

This new offering of AT&T and Nokia impressed me a lot because it provides HSDPA 3G connectivity making mobile web browsing even more convenient. Every cent of your $49.99 will be worth spending with this 2-year warranted purchase. Visit the nearest AT&T retail store or their website to own one.