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  • How to Join and Register in Smart SurfMax 50 299 999 Promo & SurmaxPlus 50 299 995 Update

    Here comes the latest update from Smart Promotions. Get the Smart SurfMax for all your internet surfing needs. This smart promo for everyone is available to all smart subscribers nationwide for both Smart Postpaid and Smart Prepaid. Here’s How to Register and join the Smart Surfmax Promo Just text then send it to 9999 Example: [...]

    Smart SAKTODATA30 Internet Prepaid Promo for 7 days

    Here comes the latest internet prepaid promo from smart communications. The SAKTODATA30 internet promo gives you internet browsing for 7 days at a very low price of 30 pesos only. And there’s more, you are also given FREE CALLS for 7 days also. Now that’s great! How to register to SAKTODATA30 Internet Prepaid Promo 1.) [...]

    Smart UNLI20 Internet Browsing Promo for 1 Day

    Enjoy surfing the internet on your mobile phone for 1 whole day. With the latest Smart UNLI20 promo, you’ll only have to pay 20 pesos to get connected to your favorite sites & social networks within 24 hours. Get the Smart UINLI20 today. To register just use the code promo below which is available to [...]

    Smart Free Internet 2015 Promo 2016

    Now, the leader in mobile communications gives you Smart Free Internet. Every Smart Mobile Sim Subscriber can avail of this wonderful gift from the nation’s widest coverage. How to Avail / Get Smart Free Internet for Mobile : 1. All you have to do is simply text FREE and send to 9999 2. Once registered, [...]








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