Looks like we have a winner! Nokia Corporporation just recently announced another milestone in its mobile phone market business. It had reached over 2 million N97 smartphone units in only 3 months time. Well, this proves that Nokia is still the undisputed leading smartphone player worldwide today. Nokia really produced plenty of fresh ideas in […]

Calling over the internet is now easier than ever, with the entry of Skype App for mobile users. And with the release of the new version for iPhone users, internet calls for all iOS user just got better and faster. The latest released Skype v1.2 app offers faster connection for outgoing mobile calls thru the […]

Sony Ericsson latest flagship mobile phone, the Sony XPERIA X10 smartphone has recently been released. Its a truly revolutionizing development for mobile communications, internet & social media, and digital entertainment platforms. The Sony XPERIA X10 runs on a modified Android Donut 1.6 platform called User eXperience (UX). This software features SE’s signature apps like Mediascape […]

Great news to all using GMail and Yahoo mail! Smart corporation now offers unlimited email access just 299 pesos a month. This Smart plan is exclusively available for all Nokia E75 users thru Nokia Messaging. But if you are using other cellphones with Nokia Messaging capability, you might be able to use its services. All […]

The latest released Nokia 2220 slide comes available in six different colors, offers a small number of features and applications. This Nokia 2220 mobile phone display screen includes a low resolution of 128×160 pixels, which is capable of showing up to 65k colors. Nokia 2220 slide can capture photos using its VGA resolution, and allows […]

When regular laptops are just too heavy to carry all day, a Netbook is the stuff for you. Netbooks taken techie world by storm, with their long-battery life, super portable design/dimension and (say what?) affordable price. Its no wonder Nokia Corp came up with Nokia Booklet 3G, its very own netbook mini-laptop. Instead of Moblin […]

Good news for all Facebook user folks out there. A newer version and apparently better iPhone 3.0.1 Facebook App is offered on the iPhone App Store just recently. According to the tweets of its developer, Joe Hewitt the improved version of the application corrected various bugs that were present in the iPhone 3.0 version. Likewise, […]

Be prepared to be blown away with Panasonic’s upcoming 1080p plasma and Blu-ray 3D setup that gives us real eyeful of 3D visual experience. The system uses synced shutters, and will be easily noticed as the best “consumer” 3D we have ever seen — almost on par with a theatre experience, other than the fact […]

AT&T customers will go loco over Nokia’s newest masterpiece called ‘Mural’. This clamshell form factor will identify your character as the cover can be colored blue, green, red, orange, purple or pink depending on your preference. Its cover lights up when receiving texts and notifications, also as you open and close it. It boasts with […]

Sony will soon add to its powerhouse gadgets the $150, 7-inch LCD, ICF-CL75iP iPhone clock radio. The iPhone clock radio would serve as a media hub for various kinds of media players as iPhone and iPod to name few. The device won’t just feed our ears through playing MP3/WMA music from the onboard flash but […]








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