Enjoy surfing the internet on your mobile phone for 1 whole day. With the latest Smart UNLI20 promo, you’ll only have to pay 20 pesos to get connected to your favorite sites & social networks within 24 hours.

Get the Smart UINLI20 today. To register just use the code promo below which is available to Smart and Talk N Text prepaid subscribers.

How to Register to SMART UNLI20 Promo

1. simply text UNLI20 to 5555

– Get unlimited internet access except Youtube and Torrent
– Promo Price : 20 pesos only
– Package : Valid for 1 day

2. You can use this promo also to connect to the internet using your mobile apps, like FB, Twitter, Instagram and other applications installed on your phone.

3. Just use you default Smart/TNT access point name (APN) to connect.

Now you can enjoy unlimited surfing with Smart UNLI20.