Get the latest amazing Smart Prepaid affordable promo. Enjoy the SMART MEGA 250 Promo that offers SMART Unli Text to ALL Networks plus affordable Call and Internet promos that lasts for 30 days or a 1month. Isn’t that the greatest news.

This new SMART MEGA 250 promo gives you 180 minutes of calls to SMART, TNT and SUN, with 100MB of mobile internet access and UNLIMITED TEXTS TO ALL NETWORKS (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe & TM), for 30 days/1month, for only 250 pesos!

How To Register to Smart MEGA 250 Promo

– Simply text MEGA250 and send to 2477
– Package Promo : Unlimited texts to all networks Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe and TM
– Price : P250
– Validity : 1 month / 30 days
– Included : 180 minutes of calls to SMART, TNT and SUN
and 100MB of mobile internet access for 30 days

How To Use the Call promo features

In order to use the 180 minutes of calls,

– Just dial *2477 + 11-digit mobile number.

EX. *247709101234567

Take Note guys. No maintaining balance require. If 100MB is consumed, standard mobile internet rates may apply to your regular load. This Smart MEGA 250 promo is open and available to all SMART Prepaid Subscribers nationwide.