You have got to have this Globe Prepaid promo. The Combo All20 Promo allows for Unlimited calls and Texts to Globe and TM subscribers. With this Globe promo you’ll never run out of means to talk with family, loved-ones and friends. Stay connected with your social media friends.

Registering with Globe Prepaid Combo All20 Promo gives you FREE Facebook and Viber access and a bonus of 50 texts to all networks for 3 days.

Register now with the Globe Prepaid Combo All20. Get the registration details below:

How to register to Globe Prepaid Combo All20 Promo

– To register, Just text CA20 send to 8888
– Promo Validity: 3 days
– Package Price: Php 20


– Promo Package plus:

– Unlimited Text to Globe/TM subscribers
– Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM subscribers
– 50 Text to all networks
– Free FB and Viber

This Globe Prepaid Combo All20 Promo is available to all Globe Prepaid subscribers.