If you need more opportunity to be connected with your relatives abroad, then the new Smart iText-A-Lot 30 International Text Promo is the solution to your problems.

This Smart iText-A-Lot 30 promo allows you to text your love ones in foreign countries for as low as 30 pesos. This international text promo would be valid for 24 hours use, and you get to send or reply with 100 text messages.


To Register, just text iTXT30 then send to 433.

Promo : 100 texts to countries abroad
Price : Php 30 only
Validity : 1 day (24 hours)

How to send international text with iText-A-Lot 30 promo

1. Create your message
2. Then send using this number format 8989+Country code + Area code + Recipients’ number.