The new TDK ST750 Headphones offers a very tempting mix of metallic and leather design with additional internal battery-driven amplifier to deliver clean and powerful audio experience. The TDK ST750 headset feel really great with its circumaural (around-the-ear) earcups containing the 40mm dynamic drivers that requires two AAA batteries.

This TDK ST750 model headphones delivers bright and crisp bass response even with the boosted volume. It can be really very loud on tracks without the slightest distortion even on top volumes. The TDK ST750 uniquely markets its headset pair that even though it does not offer Bluetooth streaming, noise cancellation, removable cables or flat cables, its a comfortable powerful clean music audio device.

The TDK ST750 has a suggested retail prce of $149. At this lowest price range it stands out in its musical sound delivery over competitiors that focuses on extra features and accessories.