The Philippines still has many virgin forests and a home indeed to many rare and exotic species of plants. For this reason, Filipinos have discovered many forms of effective herbal medicines. Some have even made it to pharmaceutical labs and made as food supplements.

Now we recently heard about a herbal eyedrop product known as ‘Panlapu’. It has been said that this can remove symptoms of cataracts and glaucoma. (Cataract is an eye problem when the eye’s lens gets clouded causing vision problems. Often times related to aging.) This product can also effectively reduced the grade of once prescription glasses.

The miracle healing power of this product comes from the rare Mayana plant. Mayana plant is like our malunggay plant but the leaves are thicker and has a reddish-violet color. This is locally known in Panay Island as ‘lapunaya’.

This product also has a ability to healing wounds, and used for weak lungs, colds/allergies and other body ailments as well.

Unknown to many of us who , would still prefer to take the traditional/conventional medicine over herbal medicine, our country abounds with diverse species of herb plants that contain powerful healing ingredients that can treat the human body. We just have to realize their potential and make use of these nature’s blessings.