Beautiful and talented Filipina TV hosts Angel Aquino and Daphne Oseña-Paez , as ambassador of Olay Total Effects , launched a few days ago the product’s new campaign called Olay Exposé .

The two TV personalities were excited to see each other, recalling the days when they were still hosting the fashion magazine show F!

Angel said that she was convinced by her friend Daphne to try Olay because of its harmless effect on the skin. She narrated, “Daphne was the last person you can convince to endorse a skin-care product because she has very sensitive skin and she doesn’t easily get convinced, you know, on a product.”

Angel added that it was also timing because, “I wanna try some of the products and I noticed whenever I try something new, it would cause some irritation or redness. I noticed that you’d see redness, and irritation. And it’s also downtime when you see the results. I realized and I thought that maybe, there should be [something] out there.”

BASIC SKIN CARE. Although both of them are now endorsing Olay Total Effects, Angel and Daphne still recommend simple steps in taking care of the skin.

Angel advised, “Start with the basics: clean skin. Of course, internally, you have to be healthy. So keep on drinking a lot of water, eat a lot of fruits, and sleep well, take vitamins. Instantly, you’ll have radiant skin, but also it helps if you have protection on top of your skin.”

Daphne added, “Every night, clean your skin, moisturize it, and tone it. And prepare yourself for the next day, especially here in the tropics, it’s very harsh. The sun is very harsh, Manila is so polluted. So, you want to put a barrier and protect the skin from all these harsh things.”

Both agreed that it is also imperative to “say no to ‘harsh things’ like smoking, drinking and late night-outs.”

Lastly, Angel left a short reminder to people who would want to try new skin care product. She said, “Do your research. You know, look it up, if there’s a new ingredient in your product, try to see if it’s something that you miss in your skin. Ask your friends if they have tried it and also ask experts. Ask your dermatologist if you have one.”