We can never put aside the impact Social Networking sites will on making or breaking the future success of your business or blogging site. Facebook, today’s most popular social media site, has close to a billion membership and more than 800 million active users. The other competing popular social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn also boast of hundreds of million of users.

The best advice for your own success is it is crucial and imperative that your website or blogsite has an active presence on social media. There are currently millions of people from all over the world who read and subscribe to blogs and news sites. Most of these readers or followers visit websites because of referrals from their friends, colleagues, family. Some come from pages they have subscribed to who share these article and posts.

This referral system and word-of-mouth advertising is actively happening most in social networking websites than in any other platforms or forums. All businesses and companies with an online site know that your presence in social media can quickly enable interested readers to visit and subscribe to the webpage better than any other place in the internet.