To be effective and relevant, most of today’s successful business websites use scientific data and smart analysis to prove that their strategic campaigns will work and find out which ones work best. And in comparison, unsuccessful businesses whether online or offline proceed to do what in their thinking “works best”.

Other businesses will decide which one works by using past experience with other products and proceed into making guesstimates and assumptions about its effectiveness. Others even look at what people say, might even look at a few comments or tweets to somehow get a feel of people’s perceptions about certain topics and products.

For today’s business owner, one must have the right tools and use quantitative analysis to be able to judge what is best for the business. We can never rely on our hunch. There are already tools that can do these in depth analysis for us. We just needed to know what to look for so that these tools can help us analyze all the valuable data.

Today’s market is very much influenced by Facebook, Twitter, or another social network. So it is up to us business strategist to relate everything we have learned from different sources and comes up with a golden solution to the buyer’s need or problem if you may call it that way.