Good news for all Facebook user folks out there. A newer version and apparently better iPhone 3.0.1 Facebook App is offered on the iPhone App Store just recently.

According to the tweets of its developer, Joe Hewitt the improved version of the application corrected various bugs that were present in the iPhone 3.0 version. Likewise, remarkable improvements were made to address several negative issues of the older version. Issues like crashing when scrolling on the friend’s list, iPhone’s not vibrating when receiving chat messages, time-stamp inaccuracy and birthday related bugs were allegedly fixed. Also, Joe Hewitt has tweeted that the notifications error will be fixed anytime soon. Sad to say though, video lovers would have to wait for quite some time as streaming won’t be available yet. But Hewitt clarified that they are starting to convert all videos to a format iPhones can play.

Hewitt also gave some hints on the services the next iPhone Facebook App version would be providing. To name some few were: the ability to search across all status messages, notes and shared links that users have marked as public, which is possible on Facebook’s website, Push Notifications, and ability to synchronize between your Facebook friends’ list and your iPhone’s contact list.

The next App would be a big resolver to the inconvenience of certain bugs that occur in its older versions. It’s a stuff everyone’s craving to behold. But as of now, let’s all sink our teeth to the current version of Facebook App that iPhone offers. It’s bigger and better.